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Neil and I have been out on the company boat for the last two weekends.
It is great!
Just knowing that we are sharing something common makes me feel like we are sharing a summer.


i'm not going to mince words here: i am jealous.

and i giggled quite madly at this part, especially when i read the last sentence:

"Also, that the large amount of water that pools in the stern bottom of the boat when you pick up speed can be accumulated rainwater from the bilge, not necessarily salt water pouring through a break in the hull. No need to frighten the kids by bailing madly while screaming at your husband to head for shore."


You're not alone...someone (it was Pete) forgot to put the plug in our boat the first time we took it out too. Must be something about the name. :o)


Sweeeeet! When we are in BC next spring/summer, I am booking a weekend at the Deep Cove bed $ breakfast $ boatlaunch!

Mom S

Mom is definitely there for the Pete and Martina B+B in the fall. Have to check out that boat and the grandchildren of course!

Amy Hoogstad

"No need to frighten the kids by bailing madly while screaming at your husband to head for shore."

Goodness, I haven't laughed that hard in a while:) Thanks for this hilarious post!

Robert Legg

I've now deciced Pete's attracted to ropey motorized equipment, so long as it's green(ish).

I still tell people about the $150 volvo I sold him...; the one he drove back and forth across the continent at least twice!

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