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i wish my mum gave me an afternoon snack as big as ariana's.


Yep, no rationing out four carrot sticks apiece in this house.

That's her breakfast, by the way. With all four food groups covered.

Amy H.

What a gorgeous view! I would eat outside if I were you, too. How are the bugs?

Oh well, the nice thing is, summer will come again next year:)


if I had that view I'd be eating outside for every meal as well. I am very sad to see the rain today I miss summer already

The Other Pete

Why has Ariana been banished to her own table?


Amy - No bugs all summer long, except for the occasional wasp.

Other Pete - Ariana is too small for the big picnic table, and some days putting all three at the little table is asking for trouble. I feel bad when the early morning peace of Deep Cove is disturbed by screaming.


Wow if I had a deck and a view like that I would be eating my meals outside in a parka under an umbrella if I had to! Have you ever considered investing in some patio heating of some kind?


how about a good ole wood stove? i agree, you should invest in some kind of patio heating!!


Let Pete know Harry made fresh cut fries on Sunday with steak and salad for lunch! Delicious! ;) The weather here is still nice for outdoor eating, but the bees aren't too friendly.
Special note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASKIA! Love Joshua, Levi, Elyse and Auntie Lib & Uncle Harry! We love you and hope you have an awesome birthday!!


My boys were begging to eat outside in our front yard today in the rain and we don't have a gorgeous view like you have! I am really going to miss it, too - not just for the outdoorsy fun of al fresco meals but because it's a lot easier on the cleaning up (no sweeping the lawn!!!!). I have a feeling the local skunk who's been lurking in our yard every night all summer will also be missing our outdoor meals and all the nibbles left behind...

Erica Feunekes

Never mind the view... While great, I couldn't help but salivate over the 3 litre bottle of fresh milk on your supper table... :-)

Mary Smith

Great photos, Martina! Beautiful view and the booster seat-it's so cute!


Hey why go on vacation or out for dinner when you have a view like that!!! WOW!!!
Hope you guys are all doing well. See you at christmas??


Chris & Slydi: Outdoor heating would be nice. Considering it took us over a year to buy ourselves a bed, and there's still no couch in the family room, I think a heater will be a long time coming. Good idea though.


What an awesome view!!


For the record, those ribs were smoked (hickory), not barbecued!

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