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Martina, finally us readers get to see a photo of you! With anyone else I would assume this was unintentional but with you...I'm sure it was done with even the angle of incidence calculated.

Love the records.


what a great idea! my husband found some fabulous looking old record covers from christmas albums of the past (c. 1950's) in a thrift store...and we decided to pass on them...which, after seeing that wall i am KICKING MYSELF :)

where did you get the quilt?

(and p.s.--your blog is totally inspiring...i'm a 3rd year medical student with a HUGE FEAR of how medicine will fit into our lives & those of our children...seeing that it seems to have worked out for you & seeing that you seem to have time for your children is truly a breath of fresh air :) )


What a great idea! You're so creative. Seeing those record covers brings back lots of memories.


I love this idea, it is charming. Brookstone sells a record player that allows you to put the music into mp3 format. It's more expensive than the other option you found, but it allows you to keep the music you love.


Oh my, looking at that wall brings back such wonderful memories. What a delightful way to decorate a wall.


I love it!


Looks like Ari's quite comfy there. I guess she next! Looks great!


I swear I remember the covers from Bert and Ernie, Peter and the Wolf and The Gingerbread Man from my childhood.

I can almost hear Peter and the Wolf in my head (I think with the guy who had the Winnie the Pooh voice). It also makes me remember the books that came with records and Tinkerbell would ring for you to turn the page as well as Schoolhouse Rock.

Sometimes I'm not sure if these things were just really great or if nostalgia is talking (or both).

A Simpson's Schoolhouse Rock parody quote is in order: "Bart: (after viewing schoolhouse rock parody) What the hell is this? Lisa: It's one of those campy '70s throwbacks that appeals to Generation Xers. Bart: We need another Vietnam to thin out their ranks a little." ;-)


@jlyn: The quilt was an eBay find. See:

Funny, these records seem to bring back memories for most people my age but I did not have any of these as a kid. Just two Raffi records (which I did stumble upon thrifting but whose aesthetics did not appeal to me).

mary smith

Great collection! From the 50s and 60s, really? Brings back fond memories of listening to those stories and songs on record!


That is fantastic :D (And I still love that quilt)


What a great idea!

I have to echo K above a little...I'm a 2nd year med student, married, no children yet, and frankly terrified about how to manage it all one day. I'm so inspired by the example of balance you share in your blog. And I'm fascinated by how you are raising your children in such aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking environments, whether in the outdoors or in your home - it's reassuring to think having children doesn't mean having to be surrounded by mounds of primary-coloured plastic.


the record covers look great!

Amy H.

Looks great! The perfect compliment to the beautiful quilt:)


Oh my gosh, that is a BRILLIANT idea.


I HAD almost all those records! Love it.


Love it! I love vintage records and like this idea, especially since it keeps them intact!

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