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You look awesome! I can't wait until I start to look my age. At nearly 27, people still think I'm somewhere between 12 and 16.


Absolutely beautiful picture - I always like to see the face of bloggers.


you may not look like a 22 year old girl, but you really look like a gorgeous woman!


umm you kind of do look 22. :)

Sara Powell

You're gorgeous! You look 25. I was expecting someone who looks old based on the title. I just found your blog and read 2 posts, and find it to be the most uplifting thing I've read in some time! Thank you!!! I have 4 kids, and have been dreaming of going back to school for medicine. I've felt it can't be possible, but now, maybe it can . . . I would love to email you and get your advice on how to handle med school with family and young children--if it can be done sanely at all!


I love this post. You do look beautiful now and then Martina.

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