I'm a Canadian family physician who worked for ten years at a refugee clinic in Vancouver. I received my BSc from Trinity Western University, my MD from the University of British Columbia, and my residency training in family medicine from UBC at St. Paul's Hospital in downtown Vancouver. I completed my Master of Public Health degree at UBC this spring, and started a psychiatry residency in Victoria, BC this fall.

I'm interested in narrative medicine - providing clinical care that is informed by the ability to elicit, interpret and act on patients' stories of illness. My book about the decade I spent working at the refugee clinic was published by Brindle & Glass last fall. It's been optioned for screen adaptation by Jenkinson/Goode Productions. 

I also run the website Refugee Health Vancouver, where I collate resources for clinicians caring for refugees in BC.

If you’re looking for my FreshMD blog, I recently took it offline in anticipation of returning to patient care.

I live in Victoria, British Columbia with my family.

Martina Scholtens