I'm a Canadian family physician who has spent the last dozen years working in refugee health in Vancouver. I received my BSc from Trinity Western University, my MD from UBC and my residency training in family medicine from UBC at St. Paul's Hospital in downtown Vancouver. When my youngest went to kindergarten last year, I returned to UBC for more training, this time in Public Health. I like school. My idea of a perfect vacation is a week-long medical conference. 

I'm interested in narrative medicine - providing clinical care that is informed by the ability to elicit, interpret and act on patients' stories. I've been published in medical journals (always the humanities section), newspapers and online. I have a book coming out this fall, published by Brindle & Glass, about the decade I spent working at the refugee clinic.

I live in Deep Cove, North Vancouver with my husband Pete and four kids, ages six, eleven, twelve and fifteen. 

Thanks for reading!

Martina Scholtens