Berkshire pullover

I finished last year's Christmas present for Pete this week.


It's the Berkshire pullover from Melanie Falick's book Weekend Knitting: 50 Unique Projects and Ideas. I'm guessing the "weekend" in the title refers to pre-children weekends, the ones where you can sleep until ten, meet friends for brunch at Sophie's Cosmic Cafe, spend the afternoon reading the paper, and then do dinner and a show. You could use one of those weekends of leisure to be productive and make turtleneck egg cozies or a lap blanket. If you have children, disregard the "weekend" part of the title.


The wool is Morehouse merino, bulky weight. It's undyed, from black sheep grazing in the Hudson River Valley of New York state, faded to a chocolate brown by the sun. There are bits of straw stuck to the fibres, and it smells like farm country in all the right ways.

I usually knit for my kids, who are very forgiving of imperfect fit. Unfortunately, an ill-fitting hand knitted garment on a grown man does not look charming, it looks pathetic. So I had to custom size this sweater, and ended up rewriting the entire pattern.


I'm pleased with the end result. And equally pleased to be done with it.