Field journal


Saskia and I headed across the street into the woods this weekend, with a blanket, camera, sketchbook and two sharpened pencils. I wanted to find a damp hollow where we could sit in silence for an hour and record our observations - I on film, and Saskia in the field journal I mentioned here.

I'm always struck by how adults tend to look out, wanting vistas, and kids look down, at the details. I was craning my neck gazing up at towering Douglas firs, checking to see if the skies were clearing, while Saskia took note of mushrooms, burrows and pinecones.

Pete thought my plan was too ambitious for a six-year-old, but I'll confess it was me who started shifting uncomfortably after sitting on a cold mossy boulder for twenty minutes. Saskia didn't want to leave, and enthused on our way home (the full hour later), "I thought that was going to be just a little bit fun, but it was SO fun!"