Afternoon at Harrison Hot Springs

It always feels a bit ridiculous to make a day trip somewhere, when we live in Deep Cove. Why leave Mt. Seymour and Indian Arm to go admire other mountains and bodies of water? But sometimes I just need to get away, and so this past weekend we made the trek out to Harrison Hot Springs for an afternoon.


The Back Porch, below, is a small farm with a restored Victorian house, a circa 1919 coffee roaster, antiques scattered across the yard and in various outbuildings, a pottery studio, and chickens and goats.




When Leif started heaving pieces of lumber into the chicken pen, we took our leave and headed for the beach.




On the way home we stopped at The Farm House in Agassiz and Pete ran in to buy some cheese. When he returned to the van he told me, "A husband and wife run this place. He manages the goats and she makes the cheese." We sat for a few minutes, sampling the gouda, and tried to think how we could manoeuvre ourselves into a life of farming in the Valley.

That's what I love about time away. It's energizing, considering new possibilities.