Pill charm bracelet

This is the Cheerful Citrus-colored Pill Charm Bracelet by Etsy seller bencandance.


Would it be more alarming for a physician to meet a new patient with this bracelet, or for a patient to be greeted by a doctor wearing it? (Minus the 'Fix Me', of course. That might be a sign that your doctor is troubled, and you had best move on.)


* Both photos by bencandance

I really think this piece has possibilities.

The artist could offer custom creations, where the client could select her favourite drugs. I'd pick my most frequently prescribed, an antiretroviral, antibiotic and antidepressant. Doctors could sum up their colleagues' areas of practice and prescribing habits with a quick glance. Imagine the incentives pharmaceutical companies would offer for wearing a flashy, over-sized charm of their product.

Or patients could be required to wear bracelets based on their latest Pharmanet printout. How much Oxycontin and Valium could that silver chain hold?

Maybe the artist could supply a bracelet - better make that a double-stranded necklace - for physicians with every white pill available in Canada, labeled. So the next time a patient requests a prescription for "that little white pill that worked really well six months ago," I could offer the piece of jewelry, studded with hundreds of white beads, and ask him to point out which one, exactly.

This bracelet costs $28 plus shipping, but I'm thinking I could construct one from stock from our sample cupboard and a length of catgut during my lunch break. Let's see, which colleague has a birthday coming up?