Knitted Anatomy

I realize knitting seems a strange hobby for a doctor, more unusual than playing the harpsichord or growing prize-winning bonsai. But I've found a knitting project that would fit a physician like a surgeon's glove: a knitted uterus.

MK Carroll designed and photographed this uterus. She explains, "It's not completely anatomically accurate. I've taken a few liberties with the general shape and scale, as well as leaving out the ligaments connected to the ovaries. And, of course, the human uterus is not normally bubblegum pink."

Is it just me, or does that uterus look gravid? Maybe there's a little knit fetus in there, with a cabled umbilical cord.

That's a beginner project. Here's the entire digestive system:

This was designed and photographed by arrmatie.

What do you do with that? Give it to your gastroenterologist for Christmas? Let your kids cuddle with it? Set it out on your coffee table for a conversation starter?

Thanks to the Internet, there's a pattern out there for every, and I do mean every, piece of human anatomy. I can't be more specific or I'll attract the wrong kind of traffic.

Maybe I'll do up some angora CD4 cells to go with that HIV Plushie