At both of the clinics at which I work, the charts are still handwritten. EMR (electronic medical records) is in the works for both places, and while I'm impatiently awaiting its implementation, there are aspects of the paper charts that I will miss.

Paging through a chart, I can immediately identify each colleague by their penmanship. One writes brief, bold notes in large round letters that cross over the lines. Another has tight, narrow script that slants to the right. One writes flowing but indecipherable cursive illustrated with equally confusing diagrams. My entries are done in superfine black marker.

Outside of work, I so rarely see any handwriting. I'd have a hard time recognizing the penmanship of some of my closest friends. Other than writing shopping lists and greeting cards, when do you pick up a pen?

It's personable, coming across others' handwriting. It's familiar and friendly. I'm going to miss it.