There were twenty reported cases of mumps in Chilliwack, BC last week.

Mumps is a highly contagious viral infection, spread by saliva. It usually causes painful inflammation of the  salivary glands. The infection can result in complications such as inflammation of the testes, meningitis and pancreatitis.

The vaccine for mumps is highly effective, and is part of the routine childhood immunizations series in Canada.

I found one sentence in the article particularly interesting: "The Chilliwack outbreak . . .involves a Christian group that doesn't believe in immunization."

Believe in? Why the religious language? Believing in is for things that require faith, like purgatory or miracles. There are cold hard facts about immunization. You can research the results of scientific studies and draw conclusions based on the evidence.

You might decide against immunization; you might choose not to vaccinate. Your choice may even be influenced by religious beliefs.

But it's not a question of whether you believe in immunization.