Julia has measles 'n fever

At the thrift store this week I found a doll, still in the packaging, called "Julia has measles 'n fever." In the box was a three-inch baby doll, standing in a crib, and a cloth. The instructions explained that when the toy is warmed by your hands, she breaks out in red measles spots, which can be cured by sponging her with a cool damp cloth.

I've never seen an infectious process made to look so cute. The "'n" was a stroke of carefree genius. I wasn't willing to pay $3.99 for the made-in-China toy, but I promptly googled it when I got home.

And it's nowhere on the Internet. I've never not found something on the Google machine. I need to know the story. Was there a whole line of these disease-ridden dolls? A "Nancy has tuberculosis 'n sputum" doll? "Danny has polio 'n an iron lung"?

Totally kicking myself for not springing for Julia.