The bad A-word

"I know the bad A-word now," Saskia said solemnly as I drove her to school.

"You do?" I asked, surprised. That's one she wouldn't have learned from me. "Who did you learn it from?"

"Daniel said it to another boy at school. He got in trouble for it."

Daniel is the last boy in her class I would expect to have a potty mouth, so I probed further. "Is the second letter of the A-word an S?"

"Nope! It's an N."

I thought for a minute and couldn't come up with a single bad A-word with N as the second letter. "Spell it for me," I suggested, not wanting Leif and Ariana to be privy to the profanity.

"A - N - O - Y - I - N - G," Saskia carefully spelled out.

"Annoying?" I repeated, confused.

Saskia did a horrified gasp. "You said the word! My teacher told us there are some names you should never call other people, and that's one of them."