Cathedral window quilt

Check out the circa 1950 hand-stitched cathedral window quilt I won on eBay:

I'd been keeping an eye out for something along these lines (vintage, handmade, multi-coloured on a white background) for Saskia for years, and given up on thrifting anything remotely similar.

This is a blanket I would have loved as a kid. I would have spent hours dreamily acquainting myself with all 780 coloured windows. And when it arrived from Texas, folded neatly in a slender box, Saskia loved it instantly. She picks out her favourite fabrics, and the ones she thinks others are most likely to appreciate (her choice of red gingham for my mom was spot on). She sets up game pieces in the squares, tucks her stuffed animals into it, and reads with it draped around her shoulders.

I'm no quilter, but I'm fascinated by the construction of this thing. I can't quite figure out all the loops and folds. The fabrics are beautiful, and I love to wonder what their origins were. When it passed inspection by my visiting mother-in-law last week, I was almost as proud as if I'd quilted it myself.

Now I need to stop putting together Saskia's room and focus some energy on the rest of the house. Believe it or not, Pete and I just ended a year of sleeping on mismatched single mattresses pushed together on the floor. And we weren't sharing any nice vintage bed linens, either.