Why infectious disease docs are so likeable, Exhibit A

This is the unedited first paragraph of an infectious disease specialist's response to an email inquiry from our clinic regarding screening for schistosomiasis, a parasitic tropical disease that typically presents with abdominal pain and diarrhea:

Schistosomiasis is so COOL.   I lovethose little fellows.  They get through your skin, go on safari through your tissues, and then settle down to raise a family, letting their eggs cruise out through the intestinal wall or bladder wall to start life anew : )

I'll bet you've never seen an emoticon used in that context.

Every infectious disease physician and microbiologist I've encountered is that enthusiastic. At the ID conference I attended last fall, every presenter spoke with actual affection for his favourite microbe, announcing that he could talk about the subject all day long and sighing when his time was up.

Exhibit B would be their penchant for bow ties.