When I began blogging, a family member unfamiliar with blogs looked over this site and said politely, "It looks nice. Is it almost finished?" 

Well, now it is. 

I feel hamstrung by the mix of personal and professional anecdotes under my real name in the face of increasing readership. I find myself censoring and second-guessing myself and that really dilutes the pleasure of blogging.

I started this blog for the satisfaction of crafting bits of my chaotic days at home and work into a tidy package. But now my domestic and clinical days have settled into a relatively unruffled routine and I'm eager to pursue other projects. Any creative energy (and time) not exhausted by children or patients is in short supply, not enough to slather over multiple projects.

And so I need to absolve myself of this blog. I'm not sure if I'm euthanizing it or inducing an indefinite coma. The site will remain up but expect this post to greet you for the foreseeable future.

I'll still be active at Mothers in Medicine, Twitter and Flickr

Thank you to my little band of readers, especially those who commented or emailed over the last year and a half.