Picking wild blueberries on Mt. Seymour, again

If our family has one consistent annual tradition, it's picking wild blueberries on Mt. Seymour in September. It's quiet and still, lush with green-yellow-purple vegetation, and the city stretches flat and blurry blue below. 

The bushes proliferate in the open areas beneath the chair lifts. We've always had luck in the area just below the picnic table icon in the map below. We've seen black bears in the past, but not for the past few years. Typically lots of bugs, though.

Seymour map

It's one family activity equally acceptable to the 11-, 8-, 7- and 2-year-old. Enough berries for everyone and a mountainside to spread out over. (See Saskia and Leif five years ago here.)

The blueberries are smaller and more tart than the domestic ones, and fantastic in pancakes with maple syrup. A couple more weeks of pickings, and then the next time we see these bushes we'll be skiing over them.