Bedtime for Ilia

  1. We have two of these gorgeous MacAusland blankets. They're made on PEI by MacAusland Woolen Mills, "from sheep pastured in the cool mists of Canada," as one reseller put it. I see these blankets for sale all over Vancouver for triple what you pay buying direct from the website. 
  2. Maileg Bambi. In 2006 every nursery decorating book I had (pre-Pinterest, remember?) featured these bizarrely skinny rabbits. It took me years to identify them as Danish-made Maileg products, and they've grown on me. They're not cuddly, but they do have removable bloomers and other charms.
  3. I gave Ilia her first hot water bottle tonight. She lay stiffly on her back with her feet centred squarely on the warm rubber, mind blown.
  4. Echo toddler bed. Ilia's still in her crib, and I probably shouldn't admit that Ariana (seven) is still in a toddler bed. With rails. Everyone's got to advance one bed and it just feels too complicated at the moment. 
  5. I've never paid $40 for baby slippers, and since the Wooly Baby Thumper slippers are sold out, I wasn't put to the test.