Neptune blue

Elizabeth Zimmermann seamless saddle shoulder pullover in colourblock

Leif asked me to make him a sweater, and he was very specific with his request: "Blue like the planet Neptune, lined with rabbit fur, and with Ninjagos on it." One out of three would have to do.


Elizabeth Zimmermann has revolutionized my knitting. In Knitting Without Tears she provides a sweater template, giving the ratios of sleeve to body to collar. You measure your subject (newborn to grown man), select your yarn (fine to bulky), determine your gauge, and knit the sweater. You can do the band, cuffs and collar however you prefer: ribbed, hemmed, rolled. You can stripe it, or work it in monochrome, or, as I did here, use colourblocking. It's very freeing. 

This is the seamless saddle shoulder pullover, with a hemmed band and collar in contrasting yarn, and ribbed cuffs:


The yarn is Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter, worsted weight wool grown in the USA. I used hayloft, almanac and sweatshirt. The colours are rich, it's perfectly textured - highly recommend.

Leif could never disguise his pleasure when he'd find me working on this; he'd do a little hum and come over to put his arm in a sleeve and to remind me about the rabbit fur. He wears it very enthusiastically. Testing-the-seams enthusiastically. He pulls it over his head in such an inefficient way that I'm always reminded of a fetal face presentation.


And I finished it just in time. The weather's turned; our front walk is covered in wet cedar leaves, the winds are blowing down Indian Arm and we've just turned on the furnace. 

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