Recovering chairs with wool blankets

One of my best thrift finds ever was this Danish teak table. It has a slightly convex shape, two leaves that pull out, and a Made in Denmark stamp underneath. Other shoppers were actually congratulating me as I left the store with it last year.


It didn't come with chairs, so I bought this teak set of six off of Craigslist for a song.


The low, simple profile of the chairs was perfect, but the upholstery was terrible. I planned to recover them eventually, but a few weeks in, Pete told me that he couldn't stand looking at them for another day. They were that unbearable. 

And then I remembered the old Dutch wool blankets that my grandparents and great aunts brought from Holland when they immigrated, stored at my parents' place. I think the idea of them being dissected initially horrified my mom, but she let me pick out a few.


This is where a better blogger would have pictures of the materials laid out, and step-by-step images of the process involved in recovering the chairs, all Pinterest-ready. Not happening on this blog, ever.

I unscrewed the chair seats, removed the old upholstery, wrapped the seat with a square of wool blanket, and used a staplegun to fasten down the edges. I applied two coats of Scotchguard, let them dry in the sun, and screwed them back on.

There were some blemishes in the blanket, but I didn't take any pains to avoid them. One chair features a small burn mark, and I love to think of my Oma smoking cigarettes in bed.


They look so much better, and wipe off surprisingly well. And I've got yards and yards of blanket left should we need any replacements. Likely, with four kids and spaghetti every Monday night.