Crab hunting

Collecting crabs is a favourite pastime of all my kids. We're a short walk from several Deep Cove beaches, and when the tide is out, the kids search out the promising rock 5-10 lb rocks, roll them, and catch as many crabs as possible as they scuttle for the nearest shelter. They've done this since they were babies; none of them have outgrown it yet. 

I love the joy and camaraderie in these pictures. It always strikes me how thoroughly engaged my kids are at the beach, or in the woods, even when they've come barehanded.  The things that exasperate me in the house fit in naturally here: messes, climbing and jumping, excited raised voices, brandished sticks. We need to spend more time outside.

I won't pretend I'm not pleased to have daughters that can handle a crustacean without screaming. Look at that: Sunday dress, black rubber boots, dandelions in one hand and a crab in the other. These pictures make me feel like a good mother.