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an insightful, thoughtful post. i agree: fathers should take a parental leave to know what it's really like for stay-at-home mums. well said my dear!


Great post ... I'm sure it still beats dying alone and unloved!


Bart - It does! But this post isn't about the midday walks in the woods, or sipping hot drinks and reading library books together.

If you haven't spent lengths of time at home caring for kids, dealing with loneliness, boredom, frustration, fatigue and a society that places little value on parenting by parents, you can't possibly imagine it.

Try it!


It's true... the endlessness of it all and the thank-less nature of the work make it frustrating. My husband is frequently jealous of the fact that I get to "set my own schedule"... when my two year old is puking up a storm at 4 am, I laugh to think that he still thinks I'm in charge of my time around here! Parenting is the toughest job in the world - and I love it.


Great post. About 8 months ago, I had equally ambitious goals for my 'time-off' during maternity leave. It was difficult to re-adjust my own expectations for each day but even more difficult to explain them to my husband. Parental leave, huh?


I remember during my first maternity leave feeling the need to recount every detail of my day to Pete when he got home. I finally realized this compulsion was due to me trying to validate my stay-at-home experience to him - and myself. Once I realized what I was doing I forced myself to stop.

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