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This blog is so educational! Never heard the word superfecundation and can't wait to use it in a conversation... :-)


It could also be a result of sloppy fertility treatments.... This was something I really worried about before the boys were born - Jelle once joked about the possibility of them being Chinese. Not something I found amusing!



Here's a Dutch example of exactly what you're referring to: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9438648/


Just read the link - wow... the mother is probably viewed as loose and the father is pitied. Very Dutch though, the way people on the street responded - gotta love their directness!
You should add superfetation to the above post. Can you imagine going through labour 2 months in a row?


Superfetation is next Monday's post. Don't give anything away . . .


This happened to me with my twins with the exception that they were both in the same bag and there was only one placenta. The girls were totally different all the way around. One blonde with green eyes & the other brown with brown.Go figure!

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