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This has been happening to me recently - usually it's a huge spider on my bedside table, or a person standing in the bedroom corner - and it's been freaking me out! Glad to know it's not just me. ;)


Oh great. I have this happen all the time. Now you've given my husband more ammo in his quest to have me diagnosed with narcolepsy. Just because I can fall asleep within 10 seconds of talking to him (LATE AT NIGHT!) while he has insomnia does not make me narcoleptic. It just makes me a tired women!


Glad to know I'm not the only one ....for me it's usually spiders. But then sleeping in a basement bedroom where I've seen a spider crawl over my pillow explains it a bit. Narcolepsy eh? hmmmm ...gonna have to do some research.


There's a professor at the University of Waterloo in Ontario that studies this and related phenomena:



For me it is always snakes. My great-grandmother was a narcoleptic so I am very interested in the genetic aspect of these hallucinations.


It's been happening to me lately ... I don't know if I'm just tired.. But I've been seeing spiders .. Just one with long legs and other times it was insect just bugs crawling .. It freaks me out.. I just want to know why are spiders so prominent with everyone else's hallucinations ?? :(


seen spiders on waking a few times. Freaked me out, heart thumping, the whole bit, till i realised i was dreaming/hallucinating.

Odd thing is, i wear glasses for short sightedness, and the hallucination was all blurry, matching my short-sightedness. Funny ol brainbox.

i have never moved so fast upon waking though :D


About 7 years ago I was in bed and saw above me spiders coming down from their silky webs. I flicked the light on and jumped out of bed. I was dreaming but it seemed so real. It happened a couple of more times and it was always spiders. Usually one even though in the very first dream it was a few. I would jump out of bed so fast and begin frantically searching for it. It would take me about 10 seconds to realize it was not real. Last year it got so bad I was having one of these dream...no more like nightmares, at least 3 times a week. I decided to talk to my doctor about it and she wanted me to do a sleep study. For some reason I was scared to do it. So I decided to do some of my own therapy. I stopped watching TV in bed, stopped watching scary movies or anything that would give me the creeps. I also started to go back to church. And within a month everything was fine. I saw doc again and told her I was doing okay. It's been about 6 months that I have been "spider nightmare free"....but last night it happened. I was was asleep, but then I wasn't but I was there in bed and this little black spider was crawling on my bed trying to crawl away under the mattress. I got out of bed and started to look for it. It took a few seconds and then I realized...OH NO! HERE WE GO AGAIN! I must tell you that about a month ago I started watching "creepy" programs and haven't been to church in a few months. I have been wanting to return and after last night that is a definite YES! And why is it spiders? If things don't change I may visit doc again and discuss narcolepsy.


I`m 48 and have been experiencing this all my life. Waking up and seeing rats, spiders, the house sinking in the ground, a bomb sitting in the hallway chair, my robe belt floating across the room, a wheeled cart rolling across the floor, someone at the foot of the bed pointing a gun at hubby (it scared the crap out of him when I dove across him to protect him). Me and two of my brothers often do this. I have to make sure that all in the bedroom is in it`s place before going to bed, and leaving a highlight on at night seems to help. Seems the older I get, the less it happens.

Martina Scholtens

Yes, it's awful. Come to think of it, I think mine are lessening as I age too.

Nicola Ford

I used to get these once in a while. Always a spider. I hadn't had one for a good few years and now in the last 5 nights I've had 3! I wake up and see a spider fly across my face as if travelling by its web or I see it on the pillow next to me. Each time I turn on the light, jump out of bed, heart thumping and spend time looking for the spider until I realise I couldn't have seen it in the dark.
It's terrifying (I hate spiders) and I hate it! No abnormal stress, no drugs, no sleep problems, no life traumas...I'm praying last night was my last in a while!

This page has reassured me though that it's nothing serious...just the mind playing mean tricks!

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