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Make sure you record the who and how while you have your Oma around to ask. Some day you will flip through the book with your children and grandchildren... and smile the same contented smile as you remember her! What a treasure you've recieved.

PS. Maybe she figured that as a doctor, their cause of death would be of the most interest to you!


oh i needed this today. we just did a mastectomy on a woman who will most certainly die of invasive ductal carcinoma...& i needed to be reminded that ALL of our lives end in death. it is the way we handle it, the way your Oma has lived & loved beyond it, that determines how we LIVE.

...and it was also a nice reminder if why i need to prioritize getting my pictures organized--the photos & words & faces & places & relationships documented...these stories need to be told :)


oh I hope you don't throw away any of those precious photos!


What a wonderful treasure to have.


A very touching post - It's amazing how she told the stories of each one's death with acceptance - "the way it was back then" - what a treasure the album is.


Your post gave me goosebumps -- what a wonderful piece of history your Oma blessed you with! I will have to go visit my grandmother someday soon and pull out her albums and ask who everyone is... and most definitely to look at photos of my grandfather again.
Grandparents are such a wonderful gift to treasure!!!


that reminds me of my oma. she has a large drawer full of pictures of her friends and family from all the places she had to flee to during the war. and of her father, who died on the bismarck.

why would your oma want to give away those pictures? just thinking about my oma parting with her pictures makes me want to cry. you oma actually giving them away is even worse.


This was not a definitive mega-album containing all of my grandparents' pictures. It's one of dozens of volumes. Oma still has a cupboard full of others to page through.

She's in her late eighties and seems to part with a treasure at every visit. I'd rather receive them from her with the stories attached than be bequeathed them with no explanation when she's gone.

Regarding potential reorganizing of the album - there are several sets of doubles, photos of houseplants, pictures faded beyond recognition etc. And I have three sisters among whom I should divide up the spoils.


I really thought this was going to turn into a post about the importance of knowing your family history :)

Beautiful story... you are so lucky to still have your grandparents around. My grandparents are all long gone... had kids late, and then their kids had kids late. My grandfather would be 115 if he were still alive today.


I love your blog...but this one has to be my favourite entry! You have such an amazing way with words Martina!

Your Oma is so cute!
Thanx for the smiles!!


This was such a beautiful post--I hope that you'll have time to go through them again with your kids! :)

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