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The Other Pete

Thanks for your time and creativity.


We understand, but will miss you!


Thank you for sharing so much! You will be missed!

Mark Veenman

What??!!!I'll miss your blog more than you'll know. I'll see you Twitter~Janice

Anna R

Have always enjoyed reading your blog.
Take care.

marci-beth maple

i'm glad i've got a twitter account then....

Rasa (eziukai)

Oh, how sad news... Your blog was one of my favorites. I'll miss you entries :). of course I'll follow you in Mothers in Medicine. Good luck ;)


I've really enjoyed your blog and am sad to see you go!


sad to see this today, thanks for all that you shared with us!


please keep it up, in a coma! your blog is my absolute favorite. as a third year medical student, I really enjoy your posts about balancing motherhood and work. thanks for all of your beautifully written posts.



too bad! I loved reading your stuff! All the best!!


Yes, I am sorry to see you go too. I really enjoy your little stories. Makes my day sometimes. Take care.


I agree with Courtney - as a med student, it is so inspiring to see the work-life balance you've created. I'll miss your entries, but will be glad that you have more time to spend with your lovely family, in your beautiful BC surroundings.


I will miss your posts!! I enjoyed reading about how you balance work and family, and I like your pictures.

You will be missed (and I WILL be checking MiM :)


I will really miss your posts but totally understand.

mary smith

I almost thought I was going to cry when I read this post! My "blogging buddy" no longer blogging? I completely understand about the projects. I hope we can still meet up for coffees and I love your posts on Twitter. I'll miss you here, Martina!!!


Going to miss your writing! But totally understand. Been there done that :)


I'll miss you, too! How else will I know what to do with salmon berries? If you end up coming out to Krause Berry Farm, stop by, as we live nearby...


Too bad, hopefully you come out of retirement early...


Thanks for the blog! I discovered it last wknd, and gulped it up... I was looking forward to more musings, but "get" why you need to move on. As a new mommy/physician, I really appreciate your perspective on balance between your varied passions. And I printed off the "5 things to focus on everyday" from the nhs - put it on my fridge. thank you! (p.s. I did internship with Rachel, and was at her glorious Tofino wedding, too!)


Too bad - I really enjoyed your musings. Maybe you can still post links when you post on Mothers in Medicine? Take care!


Oh I'm so sorry to hear this -- your blog is one of my favorites. Every time you did a photo series of the area where you live, I kicked myself for living anywhere other than there. :) You'll be missed!

Amy H.

Sadness! I'll miss your wisdom, great stories, and your witty commentary:) All the best as you try to find better balance in your creative endeavours!


oh sad! Your blog was really one of my very favorites in the medical community! You have a lovely way of balancing family and professional life, and it's doctors like you that continue to inspire me in my quest for both. I do wish you the very best, and I'll keep checking back, every now and then, just in case you change your mind! :) :)


M- I totally get this and understand. This is a beautiful blog in all ways - but perhaps it has served its purpose in your life right now.

I'm thrilled you will still be posting at MiM so we can still feel the power, neatness, and thoughtfulness of your words every so often.

Very glad to have met you through the blog world and looking forward to all of your new adventures ahead.



Nooooooooooo, I LOVE reading your blog. Don't stop!

That being said, I totally understand where you're coming from, and know that all things, even good ones, come to an end at some point.

Hope you enjoy putting more time into all your other little projects and kids!


Sandra S.

I can understand why you'd like to stop. Still I'm sad to see you go. I've never met you or corresponded with you, or even commented on a post. But I love this blog. I discovered it when I was considering dropping out of grad school (psych) to go to med school.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated reading about your life.


Thank you for taking the time you did to blog. You were one of those people who made my adjustment to life in Canada - and the medical system here - a pleasure and not so daunting. I will always appreciate you and your blog for that. And I will really miss your writing and the way you shared, but I do understand totally why you are making the decision to stop posting here. Blessings to you.

KaraLyn Sept

I will be sad to see this end. I have enjoyed your blog for the past few months and was happy to have stumbled across it, as it took me back to days gone by spent in the TWU newspaper office. Medicine and your children(most importantly) are blessed to have you.




Alright, Martina. How many sad people need to post for you to reconsider? I join the ranks. I want to hear more about you and your family. We might just need to meet for dinner again at some point....


Hi Martina:

I will really miss reading your blog as well. Maybe you'll be tempted to return after trying something else creatively....Best to you and yours in the meantime.

You had left a comment on my blog, which I hadn't posted on since February. It's been a really rough year. Have just posted. We delivered a stillborn baby last Tuesday. Heartbroken.


Thanks for this brief glimpse into your life... I've enjoyed it so much! Best of luck!


I'm sorry to see you go. From reading comments, I know that many medical students have liked reading how you juggle family life and work.


I have enjoyed the fresh perspective you have brought to each post. You have a beautiful family and they, along with medicine and your other pursuits deserve your best. I wish you well!

P.S. - found your blog through the alumni mag, my husband once shared a dorm with yours


You have a real talent for writing Martina!
One day I expect to read a book authored by you - until then, enjoy the break!

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